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Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog26-My Final

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog 25-Mirror Time

Hmm. When I graduated High School, I would never had thought that I would be a student at LaGuardia Community College, much less in a community college either. But you know what life has a crazy way of taking its own turns. I remember the day I registered they were talking about “a cluster class”. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I just took a class that was close to sociology which is my intended major. well looking back on my original plans has taught me not to go by them always and make decisions as I go along. The cluster classes have been a interesting experience as well as a learning experience as well.
Once I started the cluster classes, I knew that I had new experiences in store for me. In my Media and Society class (the reason I took this cluster) I learned a lot of things that basically opened my eyes to how the world really is, and that is what I wanted so my expectations for that class was fulfilled. Louis Lucca was a really cool professor and the pace of his class and the things we spoke about made my Monday mornings something to look forward to. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I HATE MONDAYS. I have never had so much fun talking about controversial topics in my life. and the students in my class made it a lot more intriguing as well, because of the different opinions people had. I mean there were some quiet ones but my classmates that did speak, made it worth while.
Of course English 101.103 was the main class in which I poured my thoughts out in, everyday or so. That was like my home class. I spent most of my time there. did most of my work there whether it was actually for Eng 101.103 or if it was for Media and Society or for American Film. Dr. Smith… lets just say he’s very cool, in a Matrix sort of way… Just kidding. But yes, I have never watched The Matrix before this class and by talking and writing about it in countless discussions and essays I don’t think I want to see it again. (sorry Dr. Smith). But in all seriousness I enjoyed analyzing the Matrix and other movies that we watched. I always think that things are not just what they seem so being able to dig deep into the Matrix, the Truman Show and other movies of the same type has strengthen my ability to do just that.
Professor Rhuben, and American film. I didn’t think that I would make it through 100 years of film. surprisingly I did. and I it wasn’t that bad. I have learned a lot about film, where certain genres came from and how each aspect of a movie is thought out very specifically to convey purpose. I like that I was able to learn all of that and then be able to use those techniques and show a movie (in that light) myself. Aside from learning movie related things I have learned to appreciate directors a lot more than I ever thought about before. They are very significant and I am able to see that now. Thanks American Film.
LIB 110 was fun as well going on field trips in order to complete assignments. Who can argue with that? I liked my 1st semester in LaGuardia and I looked forward to having other great professors in the near future. Looking back there is nothing that I regret and all I can do is hope for the best to come.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blog 24-final =)

“Penis Envy” My A--
The theory of “penis envy” states that a female going through the sexual development stage realizes then begins to envy a man because he has a penis. Woman would then want to have a penis because it represents “power”. First off that was such a “male” thing to say, coming for a man himself Sigmund Freud. I think that doesn’t make any sense. A woman is a lot more powerful than a man who is only powerful on the outside. It would be just like a man to think so simply as a woman wanting a penis for power when in fact woman are more powerful, by controlling the mind.( I am speaking very generally here, there are always exceptions to generalities) There are a lot of females in movies that represent this “power over the mind” motif. And men are just afraid to lose their macho, by admitting they are a lot more submissive to woman then they would like to be. In the movie The Matrix Trinity, is parallel to Allegra Geller in eXistenz, who is parallel to Luz Martinez in The Sleep Dealer. These women all played major superiority roles against the men that they encountered, using mental and sexual stimulation to “capture” (in a sense) the male figure.
In The Matrix Trinity was told that she would fall in love with “The One”. And she was not about to let that vision die when Neo was on the brink of death. Trinity show her superiority when Neo laid in the chair dying and her very words was that she was suppose to fall in love with him and she was now falling for him. While in a sense Trinity took the submissive role, Neo fell into the metal trap of what she said and pulled himself out of the grave. As the only real significant woman in the movie she was able to role with “the big dogs” while still maintaining a part of femininity to be liked. She was very powerful in that she was an excellent program reader that she ever taught Neo a few things. Mind you Trinity did all of this without the necessity of a penis. Once the mind is captured nothing else really matters.
I’d rather be a female because I rather think with one head instead of two. The “penis” alters a guy’s judgment and therefore making them submissive. Males’ base their interest on visuals and what is on the surface. The outcome of having a penis (a sexual organ) as their “second brain” doesn’t really make them powerful now does it? Someone or something that is “powerful” tends to be untouchable or not easily accessible. If a guy walks outside and asked 10 girls to sleep with him, what would be the odds of him getting at least one? Whereas if a woman did that the outcome would probably be a lot greater. I’d say a woman has more pull, therefore possess more power.
In the movie eXistenz Allegra Geller was a top game creator of the world (a pretty powerful position to obtain) who was basically on the run because she would get assassinated if she did otherwise. A trainee Ted was assigned as her body guard and she was basically talking him into everything. She was the one who took him to get a pod and made him play her game. Since her game pod was damaged she used him along the way to play the game for her. There was a hot and steamy sex scene in the movie that shows the fatal attraction between the two. Allegra was a lot smarter than Ted who seemed to be conspicuously weary of every move they made. I feel as if Allegra used her sexual appeal and smarts to get to the task at hand.
In the independent film The Sleep Dealers, the main woman Luz Martinez welcomed a lonely Mexican Guy into the city, as he was in his search for nodes. He noticed that she had nodes on the bus ride into town and once she linked into the system she ended up finding him again. A symbolic representation of simple-mindedness in males was when Memo went to look for nodes on his own. He met a guy on the street that talked a good game as far as installing nodes for a cheap price, in the end he got mugged and beat up. By doing what sounded good on the surfaced caused him harm. By Luz finding him in the city the next day, she was the one that installed his nodes; the very reason he left Mexico and came to the city. She basically had the experience and power to do so. A love connection was also declared by her.
In all of these movies all the significant woman are much more powerful than the man they are parallel to. They are dominant in the role of mind play; they don’t need muscles, big guns, flashy cars, a penis and all the other exterior parts to show that they are powerful. Just like in the wild, a male peacock has the pretty feathers, because they need an exterior attraction for a female to even consider them. In woman, all power implements are internal; sexual organs, strengths, mentality and intellect, things you cannot see on the surface and are not hat easily accessible there for making us more powerful, than muscles, facial hair and more important(to a guy obviously) a penis. If you took away a guy’s penis, what would be left of him? Where would his power be? Trinity, Allegra Geller, and Luz Martinez serve as great models for powerful woman.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I must say, in watching the movie eXistenz I have to completely disagree with "Penetrating Keanu". In the article it was claimed that “the matrix” was a infantile version of eXistenz, and that it was the inside of what males really and truly think about. If anything eXistenz is just that, The fantasy inside a guys mind. the movie dealt with so much scatology that I couldn’t bare it much. the way the author of “penetration Keanu” feels about the action in the matrix is the way I feel about the use of bodily fluids in eXistenz, All the things a guy could ask for is in this movie. From video games, killing, to sexual innuendos all the way to the actual act of sex. the matrix on the other hand was a lot more subtle along with being a lot more realistic. ( as ironic as that may sound)
from the opening scene with a gun made of bones that shot human teeth to the weird micro chip they had to squeeze into their backs. Every moment of the movie was parallel to the life of a little boy to a grown man,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

blog23- matrix and marx

The two authors of chapter 18 are basically saying that the life of the Matrix is parallel to that of the Marxist beliefs. basically what they are saying is that Karl Marx stated that in capitalism people do not realized their realationship between work and and that capital in which they produce. this is because they are made to beleive that they are workin at their own will, and stripped from the realities of what "labor" really is. this is realated to the matrix in the sense that the "copper tops" are dependent of the system and that are unable to break free. but the matrix really is parallel to marxism because the people living in it are unaware that they are, which keeps them blind to the fact that they are in fact fueling the system with their labor. GENIEUS!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

blog 20-Penitrating The Movies.

Freeland made the claim that the Matrix is a lot more infantile than eXistenz because it was overly glorified and to deeply looked at in terms of philosophy. She basically felt as if the action that partook in the movie “ The Matrix” was what made it better than the movie “eXistenz” and that “the Matrix” is a conjured up version of a guy’s fantasy. She uses a lot of evidences referring to scatology. The exchange in bodily fluids and other fluids throughout the movie were evidences that she used to prove her point. I highly disagree with her claim because I feel as if she was being bias. I feel that she didn’t give any credit where credit was due. Like that movie was really good in the fact that it had some parallels in very important parts of philosophy but she wasn’t willing to give credit to that instead she said it was only considered good based on the action.

blog 19- who said games R for children?

ok so i took it back to one of the first games that kids learn how to play! Memory with a twist!

( to be continued )